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  • Be More Psychic with Katy-K
  • Discover the Art of Reinvention with Sharina Star
  • Elisabeth Jensen: Goddess Lakshmi, and Secrets for Spirit Abundance
  • Add to your Spiritual Toolbox: Barb Meynell on Pendulums & Planchettes
  • Connect with the Seven Sisters of Pleiades for Empowerment and Intuitive Insight. Shine with Suzy Cherub
  • Embracing the Shadows and the Light. How to Work with the SIX eclipses of 2020 with Marion Hutton
  • 2020: A Year of Awakening. The Influences and Possibilities with Doreen Van Boxtel


  • Simon Turnbull: A Mystic’s Memories
  • Kathleen Kelsey: A Psychic and a Medium
  • Mark Anthony Hamilton on Choosing a Psychic
  • Are predictions set in stone? Can I see your lotto numbers? Anna Comerford Busts Some Myths
  • Elevating your Senses? Tracey Nichols explains why and how to Ground Your Energy 
  • A Word of Hope for Humanity from Linet Amalie
  • Scott Alexander King: Coming Home to Animal Dreaming              
  • Is it possible to read for yourself? Deniz Batuk says, “Absolutely!”
  • The Best of Tarot and Oracle Decks for 2018.  The ITF’s Carta Awards are a Cartomancier’s Delight!
  • Are Psychics Reading Your Mind? Suzanne Newnham looks at ethics, telepathy, and using a reliable Source
  • Revitalise your Psychic Energy. Anna Comerford’s Tips will have you Sparkling

And more!                          

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