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                                                                                                   Nic Skuja with Lisa Williams


            An Interview with Lisa Williams

            By Nic Skuja     Photos by Suzi Karim
            I                          When did you realise you   with a deck of cards. She   Ladybird book.’ For some
                recently attended
                                       were a little bit different to
                                                                 was asking me to determine
                                                                                           reason I thought, I need
                the Your Journey
                to Success
                                                                 which card she was holding
                                       the other kids? What was
                                                                                           communication with you and
                                       that first experience?
                conference at the
                                                                                           the book. She had one finger
                                                                 up. She was like, ‘Which one
                Mercure Gold Coast
            Resort in Queensland       I guess at four years old you   is it?’ I had positioned myself   on the one book and I had
                                                                                           my hand on the other books,
                                                                 so whenever she held up a
            where I had the            don’t realise you’re different.   card I could see through it. It   and I told her it was The
            opportunity to have a      When you start experiencing   was midnight and there was   Princess and the Pea. She
            wonderful chat with the    things, I think to me, it was a   a streetlight behind her, and   pulled it out and went, ‘Oh
            engaging, entertaining     normal process. I think really   I was winding her up. I said,   my! It is!’
            and delightful Lisa        it hit when I was six.    ‘It’s the Three of Diamonds.’
            Williams. It’s not every                             It completely freaked her   Of course, I was branded a
            day you get to sit with    It was just after my friend’s   out. It was really quite funny.   bit weird from there onwards
            such a warm, funny and     birthday and she was having   She ended up saying, ‘I   at school. It’s funny, she’s
            genuine person who         a sleepover. We were talking   don’t believe you,’ and so I   a really good friend even
            just happens to be a       about my grandmother      confessed.                after all this time—we’ve
            famous and successful      because she was a medium                            known each other for forty
            television personality. I   and my friend said, ‘Let’s see   We then moved to guessing   years—and she’ll often say, ‘I
            enjoyed every moment!      if you have the gift.’ At first I   books. I had an entire row   tormented you, I was an evil
            Lisa and I covered a lot   thought, what the hell is she   of Ladybird books to choose   person. I’m so sorry Lisa.’
            of ground and here are     talking about? And before   from. She said, ‘Let’s see   But that was really my first
            some of the highlights:    I knew it, we were playing   if you can guess which   experience.
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