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                                                                                             2019 International Psychics
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                      hen Simon        The Psychics Directory aims   their psychic ability, it says,
                      Turnbull first   to broaden the collective   ʻWelcome, you are not     ACN 102878900
                      suggested        understanding of what it   alone.ʼ
            Wwe produce a              means to be psychic, and                              In consultation with Hiromi
                                                                                             Mitsuya and
            psychic magazine he had a   to anyone who has been   With love and laughter,     The International Psychics
            confidence and enthusiasm   trying to make sense of   Leela                      Association Pty Ltd
            for the project that was truly                                                   (ACN: 164 036 757)
            contagious. He was inspired.                                                     P:  61 (2) 9368 1177
            Hiromi was methodical. I                                                         www.internationalpsychicsassoc
            was practical. We were all
            hard working and we made a                                                       In Loving Memory
            good team. Our first edition                                                     of Simon Turnbull
            surpassed all expectation
            and fifteen years on, The                                                        Production Manager:
                                                                                             Leela J Williams
            Psychics Directory continues
            to do so. The magazine has                                                       Design: Marcin Ciez
            navigated many changes                                                           P: 0414 34 55 11
            and obstacles and has done                                             
            so due to the support of too                                                     Copy Editor: Jeanette Hartnack
            many people to thank in
            this small space. It is truly a                                                  Cover Image:
            collective effort.                                                               Lisa Williams
                                                                                             by Suzi Karim
            Many intuitives feel a little                                          
            different, a little isolated, a                                                  Copyright Notice: All rights
            little like they don’t really                                                    reserved. No part of this
            belong. But, when we find                                                        publication may be used,
            each other, great things can                                                     reproduced or transmitted in
            happen. Here in your hands                                                       any form without prior written
            is a symbol of what can be                                                       consent of the publishers.
            achieved when like-spirited                                                      Disclaimer: Without prejudice.
            people work together with a    Leela Williams and Peta Morphett, as The Fool and the Goddess at   While every care has been taken
            shared vision and a passion    the 2018 IPA Awards Dinner. Photo by Carly Taylor.   the publishers do not accept any
            to make positive change.                                                         responsibility for the accuracy
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                                                                                             and contributors do not
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                     You can find more articles and insight in our digital edition.          the publishers. Content provided
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                                                    Dedicated to                             website or email to
                                                    Samantha Ward
                                                                                             Printed in Brisbane, Australia
                                                    26/01/1965 — 17/07/2018
                                                    Unless our tears were ink, our
                                                    gratitude the paper, and love             What else might
                                                                                              we sense about
                                                    the message, our words will
                                                                                                the world if
                                                    fall short of the joy, kindness            we could hone
                                                    and wonder you brought to                  our ability to
                                                    this world. A true angel on                 perceive it?
                                                    earth, and now beyond.

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