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       What has surprised you?   doing. When you enjoy what   The last show was very   course. I have so many more
 THE ART OF REINVENTION   There have been so many   you do, you’re not keeping   emotional. We’d all worked   opportunities open to me now.
                                                           together for a long time, and
       surprises and funny things
                                 an eye the watch. Best not
       that have happened over the   to stay in a job you don’t like   we were like a family. The last   What’s on the horizon for
       years. I was having lunch with   for too long due to the fear of   song we played was That’s   2020?
 with Sharina Star   a friend and had a vibe about   change.  What Friends Are For by   I’m currently volunteering as
                                                           Dionne Warwick. We were
       a gold thing to do with Don
       Lane, “It’s going to be found.   Looking at some of your   singing it together. People   a mentor for boys at a jail.
 Interview by Nic Skuja  I don’t know what it is, but it’s   different roles, you’ve   called in from around the   I’ve got an online counselling
       going to be big.”         truly mastered the art of   world. It was emotional like   webinar happening and
                                 reinvention. What advice   you wouldn’t believe.    there’s a television series in
       A week later, news came that   do you have for our readers                    development. There are new
       Don’s Gold Logie had been   who are looking to make a   After leaving, the first thing I   card decks coming out with
       found. Don was called into   change?                did was a Feng Shui course   Animal Dreaming Publishing,
       the studio. He’d been told,                         and became a master of    and I’m continuing as a
       “Sharina’s got a vibe on you.”   Don’t sit around and wait for   Feng Shui. I’m already a   marriage celebrant. 2020 is
       He laughed and said, “I’ll be   someone to ring you. Write   marriage celebrant and   looking fantastic.
       there.”                   your goals down and always   brushed up on that.
                                 have a backup plan. Always
       He turned up, and Woman’s   have something extra to fall   I also did the training to   A lifetime student of the
       Day was also there. I was   back on. Have a plan and   become a private detective.   esoteric and metaphysical,
       chatting with Don and passed   don’t panic.         It is thrilling work. I go into   Nic Skuja is a self-styled,
       his Gold Logie back to him.                         actress mode. I think I’m   globetrotting mystic. She feels
       He was shocked and started   Go out there and embrace   Sherlock Holmes or Agent 99   blessed to have visited many
       accusing me, “You stole it,   change. Without change, you   from Get Smart. Sometimes   sacred sites and to have had
       where’d you get it from?”    won’t have growth.     I’m in costume when I’m   the opportunity to study under
       It was live on air across                           doing surveillance. I’m also   many New Age luminaries.
       Australia. That was one of   You have overcome so   doing spouse busting, missing   Nic is a gifted clairvoyant
       those times when no-one   many painful experiences.   people, and fraud cases.   and energy worker and is a
       knew what to do.          Resilience is one of your   Mostly it’s missing people. I’ve   member of the IPA.
                                 superpowers. Are there any   learned some people don’t
       Around the same time, I was at   tools or techniques that   want to be found.  Sharina offers a wide variety
       the People’s Choice Awards,   have really helped?                             of products and services
       and this guy sat next to me                         Since leaving the radio, I’ve   such as her numerology,
       and asked, “What’s happening   When you’re helping people   got an international clientele.   tarot, psychic, Feng Shui and
       with me?” I told him he’d just   and thinking about their   Before I would get the odd   I Ching readings, E-books,
       lost something really important   situation, you’re not focusing   reading from America or the   horoscopes, celebrant
       and everyone screaming with   on your own. When you talk   UK, now most of my clients   services and event hosting
       laughter. It was Derryn Hinch.   about your issues too much,   are from overseas.   just to name a few via her
       He’d just shaved off (lost!) his   they become worse because                  website
       moustache and beard, and I   you keep concentrating on   I’d never been to Uni in
       had no idea who he was. It was   them. Do some charity work.   my entire life, but in 2019
       hysterical.               It is empowering and enriches   I completed a counselling
                                 your soul. In helping others,   diploma. Studying was a bit of
       What’s the best advice    you can find your purpose.   a shock to the system at first,
       you’ve ever received?                               but I ended up doing pretty
                                 You were on air for 27 years   well and even got a couple of
       My friend and mentor, Stan   and had a huge following. I   distinctions! No-one believed
       Zemanek, said to me that too   know you've been missed!   me. I had to go take a photo.
       many people spend their lives   How have you been keeping   Studying gave me focus
       in jobs they hate. The key to   yourself busy since your   and confidence and it was
       success is loving what you’re   last show in April 2018?   a great feeling to finish the

        Dianne Parker, DSNU     Dianne Parker runs the States of Grace College for Psychic & Mediumship Development

        Awaken to Spirit!          on the Northern Beaches. Dianne is a Psychic, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium, an experienced
                                    Meditation Guide, Psychic Artist, accredited Spiritual Healer and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.
               Mona Vale &         Since 2000, Dianne has studied and tutored in Australia and Internationally. She lovingly shares her
            Coffs Harbour, NSW   spiritual wisdom and knowledge, mostly gained from the acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in London.
          Phone: +61 403 411 411  Dianne tutors with unconditional love and compassion to encourage the awakening of the spirit within. She nurtures  the unfoldment for every student of their psychic potential, bringing wholeness and balance to body, mind and spirit.

           Doreen has been         Psychic Tarot Reader & Numerologist. Reiki/Seichim Master Teacher.
        passionate about healing,   Chios Master Teacher. A Teacher of Healing, Tarot, Numerology, Angels & Crystals.
          numerology & tarot for   Doreen uses her Clairsentience and Clairaudience in combination with Tarot and Numerology to
          over 25 years and was   channel answers that will guide you in all areas of life including career, finances, love & relationships.
          honoured to be named      Professional Member of the International Psychic Association, Tarot Guild of Australia,
           2018 Australian             Australian Reiki Connection. A Graduate of Builders of the Adytum training.
          Psychic of the Year                        Cert 1V in Training & Assessment.
           Doreen Van Boxtel  Melbourne, VIC    Mob: +61 415 558 425

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