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                                                                    ’d like to be psychic,”   easier in the future. This is
                                                                    is something I hear all   just a matter of asking, “How
                                                                    too often. If you have   did I do that and how can I
                                                                 Iever had that thought,   do it again?”
                                                                 I am happy to announce
                                                                 that your wish is already   When they first come to
                                                                 granted. If you are living   me, many of my students
                                                                 and breathing, there is no   have what I call connection
                                                                 way not to be psychic. The   routines. These are steps
                                                                 better phrasing is, “How   they believe they have
                                                                 can I be more psychic?”   to go through to create
                                                                 And this is a question I   a successful psychic
                                                                 still ask as I constantly   connection. One student
                                                                 seek to improve.          thought she could only
                                                                                           eat certain foods before
                                                                 So, how can you be more   connecting. Another felt she
                                                                 psychic? It is impossible   had to meditate for an hour
                                                                 to cover everything in this   before each connection or
                                                                 short article, but I can get   it just wouldn’t work. I’m not
                                                                 you started. Everyone has   knocking them, but a lot of
                                                                 psychic ability, you may call   these beliefs are founded
                                                                 it a sixth sense, intuition,   in stone after one event.  It
                                                                 gut feeling, a hunch, but   worked once, so we keep
                                                                 not all of us choose to   doing it.
                                                                 acknowledge, use or trust
                                                                 it. It might take time to trust   However, as the connection
                                                                 it, but you can acknowledge   you make with the spirit
                                                                 and start using your psychic   world is basically a
                                                                 ability right now.        conversation, these routines
                                                                                           are like saying to yourself,
                                                                 I have been an energy junkie   “Before we can talk, I need
                                                                 for most of my adult life. I   to eat certain foods or think
                                                                 love being in spiritual energy.   about the meeting for an
                                                                 It feels amazing and I am   hour before I attend.”
                                                                 always ready for my next fix.
                                                                 Just as importantly, I am also   That is not to say there isn’t
                                                                 looking out for confirmation   preparation. Just as there
                                                                 that what I am experiencing   are many ways to get from
                                                                 is real. I search for ways to   your work to your home,
                                                                 understand each psychic   there are long, convenient
                                                                 experience and create a   and scenic routes to psychic
                                                                 direct link to the source. I   connection. There are also
                                                                 didn’t always realise this   short cuts! When they first
                 How                                             connection was available.   start exploring their psychic
                                                                 Now I can’t imagine it not
                                                                                           ability, a lot of people take
                                                                 being there. But, it took   the long way because they
                                                                 many years of learning,   are not clear about where
                  to be                                          questioning, and striving to   they are going or the easiest
                                                                                           way to get there. As they
                                                                 improve for me to come to
                                                                 that realisation.         become familiar with and in
                                                                                           tune with their surroundings,
             (more)                                              To be honest, at heart, I am a   they can continue to take
                                                                                           the way they know or
                                                                 sceptic. Yes, you heard that
                                                                 right. A sceptic! I have gone   explore the landscape and
                                                                 through my spiritual journey   discover that there are more
            Psychic                                              to date, saying, “If this is   ways to their destination and
                                                                 so, then prove it!” I question
                                                                                           other means of transport.
                                                                 everything that happens. I   Why walk when you can fly?
                       By Katy-K                                 find it hard to trust anything
                                                                 I don’t understand or can’t   Your personality can
                                                                 see, feel or hear. I am   influence how you connect.
                                                                 continually looking for proof,   Are you a vibrant, motivated,
                                                                 and I set out to prove every   high-energy person who
                                                                 new psychic experience is   wants to do everything
                                                                 real, so I know it is not just   quickly? Or do you prefer to
                                                                 my imagination. I can then   take your time, in a relaxed
                                                                 be confident and believe it. I   manner, with many pit stops
                                                                 aim to understand and clarify   along the way? Physical and
                                                                 my experiences and look   mental health can also affect
                                                                 for shortcuts so I can get   your psychic ability. If you
                                                                 the same result quicker and   are in pain or stressed, it is
                                 Photo by Suzy Karim
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