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            PSYCHIC                      THE PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (Australia)

            OF THE

            YEAR                            oted on by the members of the International Psychics Association, the
                                            recipient’s contribution to the psychic field is a mark of peer recognition.
            AWARDS                     VTo be eligible to receive this award, psychics must be full professional
                                       members of the IPA for at least three consecutive years.

                  hese annual                                                  ethics, mental health programs and supports.
                  awards were                                                  Linet was born with hearing impairment.
            Tintroduced                                                        She feels that the loss of the physical sense
            by the Australian                                                  helped her connection to spirit as she ‘heard’
            Psychics                                                           spirit speak to her. She was told by spirit to
            Association in 2004                                                learn and become qualified to help others as
                                                                               this would also bring credibility to the psychic
            and continued by                                                   industry later on in her life.
            the International
            Psychics Association                                               She studied hard, gaining multiple
            to acknowledge the                                                 certificates and degrees including two
                                                                               masters (in health and mental health) and
            outstanding among                                                  a PhD in pastoral counselling. Her love of
            an extraordinary                                                   learning continues as she works towards
            group of people.                                                   becoming an interpreter for the deaf-blind

                                                                               Linet is a quiet achiever and has been
                                                                               working behind the scenes for over 30
                                       Dr Linet Amalie                         years, supporting and mentoring colleagues
                                                                               and clients with accurate readings using
                                       Dr Linet Amalie is a natural born psychic   information channelled from Spirit. In 2018,
                                       medium, medical intuitive, recording artist,   she received the International Psychic
                                       mental health and psychic educator,     Association’s Psychic Ambassador Award
                                       published author and mentor. She helps set   for service to the industry. Linet continues to
                                       standards in the industry with her weekly   support others and advocates for standards
                                       video blogs to raise awareness of Spirit,   within the psychic industry.

                         2019 SIMON TURNBULL AWARD

               he Simon Turnbull Award recognises a substantial contribution to the psychic community and
            Tsomeone who had a meaningful relationship with Simon on a spiritual level.

            Robert Nacson             Expos and author of        numerology readings and
                                      Pathways and Predictions,   describes his intuitive insight
            Robert Nacson is a        Robert has organised       as an inherent trait that
            warm, welcoming and       events, expos, and psychic   can only be used to help
            knowledgeable presence    reading stands at festivals   or guide others. During a
            in the Australian psychic   in Brisbane, Sydney,     consultation, Robert draws
            community. Over the past 30   Newcastle, Adelaide,   attention to the hidden
            years, he has worked with   Melbourne, Darwin and on   forces and motivations
            many highly respected, local   the Gold Coast. Robert is   which affect and shape
            and international psychics,   a familiar face, on and off   your life. Robert is a long-
            intuitives and mediums.   stage, at psychic events,   time friend and supporter of
            The founder of the Pathway   is well-known for his   Simon and Hiromi.

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