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       Reading from

       a Distance

       By Paul Fenton-Smith

             istance readings    her courtyard in the Greek
             became a necessity   islands, explained that she’d
             in 2020, but they   previously seen me in person.
      Dare also very             Kathy asked me to turn my
       convenient. If clients have   camera around so she could
       quiet and privacy, they can   see the lemon tree outside
       have a Skype reading while   my office window. I asked
       at home or in the office. It’s   her how far she was from
       not necessary to take notes,   the beach and she told me
       as a digital recording can be   around 150 metres. After the
       emailed across.           session concluded, I asked
                                 her to walk me down to the   In these sessions, images
       Telephone readings are far   beach so that I might glimpse   flow, and you forget the   Paul Fenton-Smith has over
       from new, but I found clients   the Aegean Sea, and she   person is not in the room with   40 years of experience and is
       resisted them because     was happy to do so. These   you. Once the psychic link   the founder of the Academy
       they preferred to see their   brief windows into the lives   is established, the reading   of Psychic Sciences. A
       reader during the session.   of clients were not possible   has the flow of a natural   clairvoyant, counsellor and
       Video sessions (using     before Skype and Zoom.    conversation, with the client   hypnotherapist, he runs a busy
       Skype, FaceTime or Zoom,                            asking for more details about   private practice in Sydney
       etc.) helps readers, too. If   With focus and practice,   specific aspects of a tarot   and conducts courses around
       a client is close to tears or   distance readings can be   layout or the reader asking,   Australia. Whether reading for
       overwhelmed by an important   as accurate as personal   “Who is the guitar-loving   clients, teaching or conveying
       issue, it’s possible to pause,   sessions, especially if the   young man with the unruly   his knowledge through books,
       to allow the individual to   reader can clearly see the   blonde curly hair?”  Paul’s realistic approach
       unpack what’s going on    client, and they are not                            brings clear benefits to
       emotionally. Readings are   distracted by people or   The best psychic readings   people’s everyday lives. 2021
       not simply about predicting   surroundings. If the client   occur when the client has   marks the release of Paul’s
       the future. They often    cannot ensure peace and   prepared specific questions,   tenth book, Advanced Tarot:
       revolve around urgent,    quiet for the session’s   the reader is focussed and   An In-Depth Guide to Practical
       immediate issues and with   duration, the clarity of the   relaxed, and both parties   & Intuitive Tarot Reading. For
       these sessions, a psychic   reading suffers.        are happy to explore where   more information, visit www.
       can provide a safe space for                        the reading takes them.
       emotions and change.      In one instance, Kevin    Sometimes it’s the incidental
                                 wanted precise answers to a   or throw-away lines from the
       Students of tarot courses are   dozen of his most important   reader that make the most
       often too busy to meet up for   issues in a 30-minute   sense to clients when they
       practice. Setting up times to   Skype reading (yes, an   replay their recordings years
       meet online and read for each   unrealistic expectation),   after the session.
       other is an excellent option. It   while supervising three
       is only through practice that   children at home. In the first   Clients don’t always
       we become familiar with the   seven minutes, I could hear   recognise a reader’s
       reading process and card   a basketball bouncing off a   descriptions of people the first
       meanings. It’s natural to reach   wall while two small children   time they hear them. I have
       out to fellow students and   argued in the background.   a client who asks her mother
       perhaps exchange readings.   Then, on camera, the family   to listen to her recordings.
                                 dog snatched Kevin’s dinner   Her mum then points out
       From the reader’s         from his desk while he    which of her friends or co-
       perspective, distant reading   searched for his questions   workers is being described
       presents interesting days.   and his reading glasses.   as the recording unfolds.
       In a recent day, my online   That session reminded me of   Having a second pair of ears
       clients were from Hong Kong,   the benefits of face-to-face   has increased my client’s
       Canada, London, Brisbane   readings in a quiet space   recognition of predicted
       and five kilometres away in   without distractions.  events. Distance is no
       Sydney. Sometimes I miss                            longer an issue with psychic
       the appearance of actual   The most effective distance   readings. These days, your
       people at my office door.   readings occur when the   future is only a call away –
       On a recent Skype call, my   clairvoyant has a clear   but for best results, make it a
       client, who was sitting in   connection with the client.   video call.

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