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            One hundred per cent, that’s   there, a fortune-teller teapot
            everything. It shows me    with symbols all over it, a
            where to go. The painting   fortune-teller cup and another
            tells me what it wants. I start   palm one. They’ll be ready
            talking to the painting, and   soon.
            that’s the intuition. You’re
            creating a being and the   What’s in the teacup for
            being talks back to you.   2021?
            What are you working on    I’m thinking huge, I want
            at the moment? I heard on   to open a visionary art and
            the grapevine that some    tea leaf reading centre. I’m
            beautiful new Fortuna      teaching young artists too.
            teacups might be on their   I’d like to do a mini Alex
            way.                       Grey thing like they have
                                       over at the Chapel of Sacred
            Yes, there are and a teapot!   Mirrors and make a temple
            I’ve got the Bee Woman in   for the Goddess up here
                                                                 in Springbrook. It’s my big   books, and Fortuna Tea
                                                                 dream. 2021 will be aiming   Parties via her website www.
                                                                 towards building the artists’
                                                                 empire, a visionary art gallery
                                                                 with a Goddess temple.    A lifetime student of the
                                                                 There will be accommodation,   esoteric and metaphysical,
                                                                 gypsy wagons all around,   Nic Skuja is a self-styled,
                                                                 a Bohemia, a place where   globe-trotting mystic. She
                                                                 people come — it’s another   feels blessed to have visited
                                                                 world.                    many sacred sites and to
                                                                                           have had the opportunity
                                                                                           to study under many New
                                                                 Sharon McLeod offers a    Age luminaries. Nic is a
                                                                 wide variety of products   gifted clairvoyant and energy
                                                                 and services such as her   worker and is a member of
                                                                 Fortuna Tea Cups, tarot and   the IPA.
                                                                 oracle decks, original works,
                                                                 prints, gift cards, colouring

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