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       had to live that card, so I was   wanting to do an album cover.   Ever since I was a little girl, I   didn’t know we were best
       nervous when I got to The   There’s no set way with what   knew nothing else but that. I   friends. It was amazing. I
       Tower. All my life, I wanted   I do. Every day I don’t know   knew what a star sign was at   learned how to do a rainbow
       to do a set of tarot, so when   what’s happening. Tomorrow   three. We’d go to Grandma’s   over there. Alex Grey showed
       I got that opportunity, I lived   can be a new offer, and I love   house every Sunday, and   me that I had used the rule
       it. It was amazing. I always   that kind of life where I don’t   she’d have an afternoon tea   of three in two ways on my
       thank Witchcraft Magazine   know what’s going on. It’s like   spread. It was always in the   Bee painting. Alex said when
       because that’s where I got my   the gypsy ways, just luck. It   kitchen around the hearth.   artists paint together that
       break.                    all ends up good.         When I was a little girl, they’d   it’s like a beehive, we’re all
                                                           read the tea leaves, and I’d   upgrading together, buzzing.
       Your art is absolutely    What’s the best advice    read tarot back to them at   It was a magical, intensive
       gorgeous! When did you    you’ve ever received?     age ten. They gave me my   week. We painted for fifteen
       know you were an artist                             first deck at ten. I thought   hours a day. I learned a new
       and that this was your    Never give up. And Elizabeth   that was normal until I got   conscious way of painting,
       creative path to follow?    Kyle, my favourite painter,   to high school where I’d   so every stroke is vibrating
                                 changed my artwork with this   read the older girls’ tarot. I   high. I did the bee painting. I
       I was born an artist and   one sentence, “Wherever   realised I was the only one   love the bees. Every stroke
       decided to stay one. Picasso   there is light there is dark,   reading tarot cards and that   was a conscious stroke and
       said every child is an artist,   wherever there is dark   I’d learnt something rare. My   it upgraded the art. There
       the hard part is staying one.   there is light” and that’s for   grandmothers would always   is a Brigid connection – the
       I knew from when I was little.   everyone to know in real life   say cute things like there’s   fiery Irish one. I’ve worked
       I’ve always been an artist.  as well as art. That changed   a little bit of joy and money   with her over many years and
                                 my art because I’d know   in the cup and at the end,   feel she is one of my totem
       What do you love about    when I was doing a highlight,   they’d give me money. So,   Goddesses.
       what you do?              there has to be dark next.   they made it real. They were
                                 Her saying that one sentence   gorgeous.            What advice do you
       Everything because I get to   changed my life. I realised                     have for those looking
       express myself. I’m a very   that’s in life too. Wherever   How was your trip to   to connect with their
       emotional, sensitive person   there is light, there is dark,   New York to attend the   creativity?
       and this has helped me    shadow, light, dark, light, it’s   Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
       ground. It’s also helped me   everywhere. That was the   (CoSM) workshop? What   Don’t wait for the muse
       heal. I’ve had two broken   best advice for my artwork.   experiences captured your   to arrive. Appear at the
       marriages and a lot of my   But in life, it was from my   imagination?        easel, and they will turn up.
       relationships haven’t worked,   Dad. The McLeod motto is                      Don’t give up, dedication,
       but art is my husband. I’ve   never give up, hold fast.  That changed my life again.   dedication. A thousand
       always seen it as solid —                           My best friend Monique got   hours makes you good; ten
       that it’s always going to be   I was reading that your   in too. Out of hundreds of   thousand hours makes you a
       there for me. Art has done   grandmothers have been   people around the world, they   master. Just do it — put the
       everything for me. It’s healed   very influential in your   only accepted twenty-two.   time in.
       my life. It’s made me express.   work. How did they inspire   I went with my best friend,
       I feel braver because of it. I   you and your love of   someone I’ve known for   Do you think there is
       love to inspire younger girls.   divination?        twenty-five years, and they   a connection between
       You can live your whole life                                                  intuition and creativity?
       and become the art. Now
       my house is my art. I want to
       express my art everywhere
       I go. My wagon is moving
       art. I see everything as art
       now. It is the way I can get
       everything out. I feel like I’m
       working for the Goddess,
       whatever she says to do, I do
       it, and then the paintings tell
       me what to do.

       What have you learnt along
       the way? Any surprises?

       The main thing I’ve learned
       is to be myself and art has
       given me that licence. I can
       get away with anything now.
       It’s let me be myself. I see
       beauty in everything, I love
       weird beauty, perfection in

       Surprises, yeah, there’s
       always a surprise. Every
       minute is a surprise. You’ll
       get an email from someone

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