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       The Teacup

       of Destiny

       Interview with

       Sharon McLeod

       By Nicole Skuja      Images by Suzi Karim

     I                              Sharon holds the most        Here are some of the      magazine that gave me my
         recently took a delightful
                                    magical tea parties at her
         journey to the Gold
                                                                 highlights from our chat:
                                                                                           first break. It was just great.
         Coast Hinterland to sip
                                                                                           Everyone started to know
                                    home, Faerybrook, where
                                    she teaches the fine art of
                                                                 Nicole: I was just having
         tea with the gorgeous
                                                                                           who I was through the art
         and wildly talented
                                    blessed to have attended two
                                                                 projects you’ve worked
                                                                                           that’s probably was one
       Sharon McLeod. Sharon is a   tea leaf reading. I’m very   a little read about all the   in that magazine, so I’d say
       visionary artist whose work   tea parties and have added   on over the years. What   of my biggest highlights.
       has been showcased in many   some of Sharon’s exquisite   have been some of your    Another highlight was doing
       publications and featured in   limited-edition Fortuna cups to   favourite memories and   my tarot deck with Scott
       oracle and tarot decks such   my collection. I’ve long been   highlights?           Alexander King and the
       as The Oracle of the Innocent   fascinated by tea leaf reading,                     Oracle of the Innocent Heart.
       Heart, Faery Magic Message   and it was an absolute joy to   Sharon: One of them would   The Bohemian Animal Tarot
       Cards and The Bohemian       sit with Sharon and learn a bit   be working for Witchcraft   took up two years of my life.
       Animal Tarot.                about her art and her journey.  Magazine. That was the   Every time I painted a card, I
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