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       Rasputin Encounter

       By Simon Turnbull

        n the sixties, my maternal                         the border in Poland. Up
        grandmother Olga came to                           until 1861, they had over
        stay with us in Sydney for a                       two-thousand serfs living and
      Ishort time. My mother had                           working on those estates.
       told many stories about her                         At the time of the 1861   My opinion of Rasputin is that
       Russian grandfather, Lebedev                        Emancipation Manifesto,   he was a good man in difficult
       (or Lev) Ivanov. He had been                        approximately 23 million serfs   times. Coming from peasant
       in charge of Tsar Nicholas’                         were given their freedom.   stock himself, he understood
       bodyguard at the  Alexander                         The Manifesto prescribed that   the lot of the serf. What made
       Palace outside of St.                               peasants would be able to   him different to the average
       Petersburg. My grandmother                          buy land from their landlords.   psychic was his overwhelming
       was born in 1897; she had                           My great-grandfather Lev   spiritual approach to life. He
       witnessed the Russian                               and his family, however, had   felt that spiritual motivation
       Revolution at close quarters.                       about 500 household serfs.   allowed him to tune into the
       This was my chance to find                          Household serfs were the   Divine, which helped him get
       out what it was like to live in   Mystic and self-declared holy   worst affected as they gained   things done. Unfortunately,
       those revolutionary days.   man, Grigori Rasputin, was born   their freedom but no land.   not everyone agreed with his
                                   a peasant but gained influence   State-owned serfs – the serfs   modus operandi.
       I listened intently to all her   over Russia's last Tsar. (21 Jan   on the imperial properties –
                                   1869 - 16 Dec 1916)
       tales, but my ears really                           were emancipated in 1866 and   Olga’s stories about
       pricked up when she                                 were given better and larger   Rasputin’s psychic
       mentioned Grigori Rasputin.   down the corridor towards   plots of land. In 1861, many   experiences inspired me to
       She had lived in a small town   Olga. He stopped just in front   nobles were forced to give   devote my life to my spiritual
       situated around the palace,   of her and took a long look at   peasants land on poor terms,   development. I wanted to
       where the higher ranking   her. “Have you seen Annya?”   and they resented the fact.  succeed, not only as a psychic
       officers serving the Tsar had   he grunted in an impatient                    but as a spiritual human
       their houses. The town was   tone.                  As he was in a unique position   being. From that moment, I
       called Tsarskoye Selo, which                        as a healer that the royal   understood the importance
       translated means ‘the Tsar’s   “No, sir,” replied Olga. With   family depended on, perhaps   of helping others by putting
       village’. My grandmother’s   that, he strode on and   Rasputin saw an opportunity   their needs above your own
       house was a double storied   disappeared at the other   to improve the peasant’s lot.   at times. Of course, I had to
       wooden house, and judging   end of the corridor. My   He made enemies amongst   learn to balance my needs in
       from the photographs still in   grandmother later found out   landowners who thought they   the process. I often struggled
       existence, was very close to   that he was having an affair   had already given up enough   to see ways of helping others
       the palace gates.         with one of the nurses, and   of their land. Sadly, that   that could also help myself.
                                 had finished a visit with the   viewpoint contributed to many   Over the years, I have learned
       Olga married a captain in the   Tsarina and was on his way   landowners losing everything.  that helping those who are
       same corps as her father and   back to St. Petersburg. He                     less able to help themselves
       fell pregnant. When the time   was murdered less than six   Although Olga came from a   is a great spiritual experience.
       came, she was taken to the   months after their surprise   wealthy Russian family, she   Many world religions say that
       small hospital that served the   meeting.           tended to side with Rasputin   God helps those who listen to
       community. One night as she                         regarding the peasants.   God to help those who do not.
       was walking down the corridor   My grandmother knew a great   Rasputin is reputed to have
       to go to the bathroom, she   deal about Rasputin and told   been a sex-addict and party
       saw a huge bearded man    me of all the psychic work   animal, but his motivations   A previously unpublished
       approaching her from the   he had done for the Tsarina,   were to do good wherever   excerpt from Simon Turnbull’s
       other end. As this man was   healing her son from his   possible for the more   memoirs, God in a Chip.
       walking at a brisk pace, she   blood disease, haemophilia.   impoverished. Not many   Simon Turnbull (1950-2014)
       thought it best to stand aside   Somehow he managed to   people saw and appreciated   co-founded the Australian
       and let him pass. As he got   help Tsarevitch Alexei control   that side of him.  Psychics Association in 1983,
       closer, she recognised him. It   the pain that he invariably                  the Psychics Directory in
       was Grigori Rasputin. There   felt during a seizure. He   Grigori Rasputin had a   2005 and the International
       was no doubt. She had seen   also made predictions about   powerful presence. He was   Psychics Association in 2013.
       his face in St. Petersburg   Russia and the Romanovs.   able to project his mind into   Simon was a charismatic and
       newspapers and would      Olga said he predicted the   the minds of others. He   passionate presence in the
       recognise it anywhere.    Tsar would lose all his lands   focused his attention on what   psychic arena for four decades
       As he approached, he      unless he gave more land to   he wanted so that those with   and made an extensive
       stopped to look into a    the peasants.             weaker minds succumbed    contribution to the field. He
       ward, appearing to look for                         to his will. He would appear   remained a bookaholic with an
       somebody. Satisfied that   My great-grandfather’s family   to hypnotise people to do his   extensive metaphysical library
       whoever he was searching   had estates in the southern   bidding. Such psychic gifts   throughout his life.
       for was not there, he moved   parts of Russia and across   can be used for good or for ill.

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