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            Editor’s Welcome

                                                                                             2021 International Psychics
                                                                                             Proudly Published by
                                                                                             Metier Media Pty Ltd
                                                                                             PO BOX 6019
                   ome say we are fated                                                      Mitchelton QL D 4053
                   to encounter certain                                                      P: 61 (7) 3351 5566
                   opportunities over a                                            
            Slifetime, but we have                                                           ABN 50102878900
            free choice as to how we
            respond. Indeed, I feel that                                                     In consultation with Hiromi
                                                                                             Mitsuya and
            destiny and determination                                                        The International Psychics
            have collaborated to deliver                                                     Association Pty Ltd
            this edition of the Psychics                                                     (ACN: 164 036 757)
            Directory into being. This is   are milestones to be marked   shelves nineteen years ago.   PO Box 5645
            the seventeenth edition of the   with gratitude to everyone   Flicking through that issue   South Windsor NSW 2756
                                                                                             P:  61 (2) 9368 1177
            Psychics Directory and the   who shared our journey – be   this evening, I am reminded of
            seventieth magazine we’ve   it for one edition or all of them.   lessons learned, challenges
            taken to print since founding   Our very first magazine,   overcome, and most
            Metier Media in 2002. These   Spheres, went on newsagent   importantly, what amazing   In Loving Memory
                                                                 people I’ve been blessed to   of Simon Turnbull
                                                                 know and work with. Some    With thanks to Nic Skuja
                                                                 of those people are here
                                                                 in the magazine you are     Production Manager:
                                                                 reading now, still fabulous, still   Leela J Williams
                                                                 passionate, still sharing their
                                                                 gifts and wisdom. One small   Design: Marcin Ciez
                                                                 black and white photograph
                                                                 toward the back of that     Copy Editor: Jeanette Hartnack
                                                                 humble first edition of Spheres
                                                                 brought a smile to my heart.   Cover Image:
                                                                 Spider Ward was voted 2020   Sharon McLeod by Suzi Karim
                                                                 Psychic of the Year and is
                                                                 now in full colour on the cover!   Copyright Notice: All rights
                                                                 Destiny and determination,   reserved. No part of this
                                                                 indeed! One page, one step,   publication may be used,
                                                                 one dream after another, what   reproduced or transmitted in
                                                                                             any form without prior written
                                                                 a journey!                  consent of the publishers.
                 Spider and Leela at the 2018 IPA Awards Dinner in Canberra  Much love to all,
                 Photo by Carly Taylor                                                       Disclaimer: Without prejudice.
                                                                                             While every care has been taken
                                                                                             the publishers do not accept any
                                                                                             responsibility for the accuracy
                                                                                             of our content. Information and
                                                                                             views expressed by advertisers
             The International Psychics Directory is   5.  Members will respect the privacy of their   and contributors do not
                                                                                             necessarily reflect the views of
             published in partnership with the International   clients and offer a confidential service.  the publishers. Content provided
             Psychics Association. Professional members   6.  Members will respect the free will of all   as general information only. The
             of the IPA are expected to honour their   individuals and will not offer to influence   publishers take no responsibility
             profession in accord with the association’s   another against their will, such as   should you choose to act on
             code of ethics.                         promising to bring a person to love them.  advice given.
             1.  Members should give psychic advice as   7.  Members will not promote nor offer to   The Psychics Directory
               responsibly and accurately as possible.  remove curses nor the effects of other   is created and printed in
             2.  Advice should be without judgement, in the   maleficent magic.              Australia. We would like to
               best interests of the client and not imply   8.  Psychic services should only be given to   show our respect for the
               100% accuracy.                        persons eighteen years or over unless   traditional custodians of
                                                                                             this land, of Elders past and
             3.  Readings may make reference to legal and   permission is provided by a parent or   present and emerging.
               medical issues but are not to give legal or   guardian.
               medical advice.                     For more information or to find a psychic in
             4.  Members are to charge reasonable   your area, visit                          What else might
               consultation fees for their psychic work.  we sense about
                                                                                                the world if
                                                                                               we could hone
                                                                                               our ability to
               For more articles and insight visit           perceive it?

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