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Contents                                                             PSYCHICS DIRECTORY  2021

         Page 6     The Teacup of Destiny
                    Interview with Sharon McLeod

         Page 9     Paul Fenton-Smith on Reading from a Distance
         Page 12    Mediumship: Can it be learned?
                    Rhys Wynn Davies
         Page 14    Smudge it with Barb Meynell
                    Smoke out the Old, Draw in the New
         Page 16    Seeing the Future
                    Deciphering Prophecy with Elisabeth Jensen
         Page 18    Magic: It’s Elemental
                    Suzy Cherub

         Page 26    Be YOU, Beyond Compare

         Page 4     Editorial
         Page 5     Simon Turnbull: Rasputin Encounter             Animal Dreaming Special

         Page 10    IPA Psychic of the Year Awards                 Pages 20 to 25
                    Meet the Winners for 2020                      Dr Linet Amalie: Listen with

         Page 28    Guided by Angel Numbers                        Kindness & Hear Your Wisdom
                    Tracey Nichols                                 Dr Steven Farmer: Discover Your

         Page 35    Ethical Reading in                             Animal Guides
                    Uncertain Times                                Sharina Star: The Art of Placement

         Page 38    Q&A with Deniz Batuk                           Star Seeds Connection, Enchanted
         Page 40    Spirited Review:                               Vision & More!
                    I Know the Feeling
                    Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet Oracle
                    Fortuna Tea Party
                                                                   Ready, Deck, Go!

                                                                   Pages 29 to 32

         2021 inSight                                              The ITF's Tarot & Oracles of the Year
                                                                   Jade Sky: Preparing your Cards
         Page 33    Highlights from the Skies
                    The Moon, Mars, Mercury,                       Rosie Shalhoub: Intuition is Sweet
                    Meteors & More                                 Denise Jarvie: Colour Your Readings
         Page 34    Predictions from Elisabeth & Deniz

         Page 36    Your Rebel Archetype
         Page 42    Find Your Higher Purpose
                    2021: The Year of the Hierophant

     Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash
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