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            2020                         THE PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (Australia)


            OF THE                          oted on by the members of the International Psychics Association, the
                                            recipient’s contribution to the psychic field is a mark of peer recognition.
            YEAR                       VTo be eligible to receive this award, psychics must be full professional
                                       members of the IPA for at least three consecutive years.

                                                                               sponge. At first, Spider found her profession
                                                                               to be lonely work, but travel changed that
                                                                               and she found places she belonged. She
                  hese annual                                                  now has clients across Australia, Malaysia,
                  awards were                                                  Singapore, Ireland, the United Kingdom,
            Tintroduced                                                        Jordan and the USA.
            by the Australian                                                  Always learning and striving to be better at
            Psychics                                                           what she does for others, Spider completed
            Association in 2004                                                a postgraduate degree in counselling and is
            and continued by                                                   accredited with the Australian Counselling
                                                                               Association. She is the author of I Know the
            the International                                                  Feeling, a book for empaths. A professional
            Psychics Association                                               reader since 1986, Spider was inducted
            to acknowledge the                                                 into the Psychic Hall of Fame in 2019.
            outstanding among                                                  She is driven
                                                                               by authenticity
            an extraordinary                                                   and focused
            group of people.                                                   on delivering
                                                                               solutions, insight
                                                                               and valuable
                                       Spider Ward                             service, always.
                                                                               Spider is
                                       Spider was born a cognitive empath. Her   currently based
                                       Nana Billie was a healer and coven member   in Deception
                                       who helped Spider understand that her ‘old   Bay, to the north
                                       soul’ would have to find a way to ‘fit’ into   of Brisbane,
                                       this world. Spider felt a call to be of service   Queensland.
                                       and began studying metaphysics like a

                     THE IPA PSYCHIC HALL OF FAME

             ngela Kirby joins                                 Cliff Dorian
         Asome of Australia’s                                  Joy Arena
         most passionate
         teachers, authors and                                 Sharna D’Fern
         practitioners in the                                  Barry Eaton
         psychic field.                                        Robin Stein            Noel Denblyden and Cliff Dorian

                                                               Milton Black               Steven Spencer
         Narelle Scurr
                                                               Victor Zammit              Kawena
         Spider Ward
                                                               Wendy Zammit               Dawn Hill
         Kathleen Kelsey
                                                               Bridget Pluis              Lesley Piddington
         Bonnie Parsons
                                                               Ray Webb                   Sydney Piddington
         Joy Atkinson
                                                               Glennys Mackay             Natalie Norton-Baker

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